profile-updatedHi, my name is Joshua Harris-Jones and welcome to Harris-Jones Anthropology. I am an anthropology course representative at Oxford Brookes University, England, and President of the Oxford Brookes Anthropology Society. This website is designed for people who are interested in anthropology (both social and biological) and archaeology. The posts cover a wide range of different topics within these fields, providing a variety of information that is hopefully easy to read and digest. The site has been designed for ease of navigation, with an archive of posts and labels that divide content into manageable sections, so please take your time browsing through the material.

I am currently studying anthropology at university, so there is no better place to get information on the world of anthropology than someone who is exploring it in detail. As a student I get access to the latest information and many resources that aren’t available to the public (at least not for free), so this is a great place to gather knowledge on the subject. There really is no better way to keep up with the academic world than to have an inside ear!

I hope you all enjoy the site, and I hope the information we provide is interesting and engaging, if there is anything you would like to know, or have any requests then please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, or contact us using the dedicated form. Please don’t forget to subscribe to this website (which you can do via the footer) to keep up to date with anthropological news and research, and check out Harris-Jones Anthropology on FacebookTwitter and Google+ too, thank you.

Joshua Harris-Jones at the Rollright Stone Circle, Scotland.