10 Famous Cultural Anthropologists

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great List!

  2. George Myers says:

    Bronislaw Malinowski, was a Polish prince in exile, I once heard from Paula Brown Glick at Stony Brook University who studied in Highland New Guinea and published different than Margaret Mead's view of the coastal peoples.

  3. Brian Howell says:

    Henry Lewis Morgan? I would say no, just because he’s famous, but hasn’t left that strong of an impact on the field. I’d replace him with Mary Douglas or Victor & Edith Turner. Their work has been far more influential. (Are they not old enough? This seems to be a list of mostly early people.) And no Evans-Pritchard? People still read Evans-Pritchard in intro class, but not so much Benedict.

    • Joshua Harris-Jones says:

      Hi Brian, I think you’re right! This page was written quite a while back (before I even started my undergrad) and I think it’s due for an update. I think I’ll change some things around, but probably write a ’10 more anthropologists’ post so nobody gets left out. Thanks for your feedback though, there’s always things to improve.

  1. February 11, 2018

    […] 10 Famous Cultural Anthropologists […]

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