Stone Knapping Lessons: Origins of Teaching, Language and Stone Tools

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  1. These stone knapping lessons are very interesting, but in my opinion have nothing to do with language origins. A recent paper in PLoS (DM Cataldo 2018 “Speech, stone tool-making and the evolution of language” PLoS doi org/10.1371/journal.pone.0191071) concluded that “speech is unlikely to have evolved as tool-making teaching aid superior to gesture, as claimed by the Technological Hypothesis, and therefore alternative views should be considered”. I fully agree with this conclusion: by applying comparative biology to human evolution – including the Coastal Dispersal Model of early-Pleistocene Homo (Munro 2010) – it seems that we now know the most important preadaptations to human speech, google e.g. “Speech originS 2017 Verhaegen PPT”.

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