Free Open-Access Anthropology Journals

There are many academic journals available that either focus on or include anthropological research, however not everyone has access to the more recognised anthropology journals such as ‘Current Anthropology’ or ‘Anthropology Quarterly’. This list will hopefully help you find loads of interesting anthropology journals and resources that are free to access, from a wide range of sources. This will be useful for those of you both within and without the university setting, so have a look through the list and go exploring!

(Some of these may not be being published any more, but you should still be able to access back issues)

  • Cultural Anthropology –  (AAA) The peer-reviewed journal of the Society for Cultural Anthropology, a section of the American Anthropological Association.
  • Popular Anthropology Magazine – A biannual online publication aimed at increasing public understanding and access to current research in the field of anthropology.
  • Journal of Ethnographic Theory – (HAU) An international peer-reviewed, open-access journal which aims to situate ethnography as the prime heuristic of anthropology.
  • Anthropology Matters – An open-access academic journal, various anthropology resources, and an email list that distributes relevant information about jobs, conferences, etc.
  • Anthropology (ANTP) – Original articles, review articles, case reports, short communications, etc. in all areas of the field.
  • Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford (JASO) – A joint collaborative project between JASO, the Oxford Anthropological Society, and the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography.
  • Journal of Anthropology – Includes peer-reviewed research from both biological and social anthropology.
  • Open Anthropology – (AAA) A selection of articles relevant to contemporary concerns.
  • Journal of Comparative Research in Anthropology and Sociology (COMPASO) – An online, open-access, peer-reviewed publication edited by the Department of Sociology and the Doctoral School of Sociology of the University of Bucharest.
  • Journal of Ecological Anthropology (JEA) – A double-blind peer-reviewed interdisciplinary forum for innovative exploration of the interface between humans and their sociocultural and biophysical environments
  • Journal of Business Anthropology (JBA) – Anthropological and related research in business organisations and business situations of all kinds.
  • International Journal of Asia Pacific Studies (IJAPS) – A scholarly, multidisciplinary, internationally refereed publication focusing primarily on Asia (West, South, Southeast and East), Australasia and the Pacific Rim regions of the Americas (North, Central and South).
  • Asian Ethnology – A semi-annual, double-blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the promotion of scholarly research on the peoples and cultures of Asia. (The Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture has several other publications available on their site which may be of interest).
  • Voices – (AFA) A Publication of the Association for Feminist Anthropology, a section of the American Anthropological Association which aims to foster the development of feminist analytic perspectives in all dimensions of anthropology.
  • Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies (JAIS) – An international, peer-reviewed, open-access, academic journal; the world’s most widely read journal in the field of Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies.
  • Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine – Research articles and reviews focusing on the inextricable relationships between human cultures and nature/universe, Traditional Environmental/Ecological Knowledge (TEK), and folk medical knowledge systems, as well as the relevance of these for environmental, public health and nutritional policies, especially in developing and emerging countries.
  • Journal of Ethnology and Folkloristics (JEF) – Articles in the research areas of ethnology, folkloristics, museology, cultural and social anthropology. Includes both studies focused on the empirical analysis of particular cases as well as those more theoretically oriented.
  • Diversities (Formerly the International Journal on Multicultural Societies [IJMS]) – A scholarly and professional journal, published by UNESCO, to provide a platform for international, interdisciplinary and policy-related social science research in the fields of migration, multicultural policies, and human rights.
  • African Studies Quarterly (ASQ) – Founded by the Center for African Studies the ASQ is an interdisciplinary, fully refereed, online open-access journal dedicated to publishing the finest scholarship relating to the African continent.
  • Museum Anthropology Review (MAR) – An open-access journal whose purpose is the wide dissemination of peer-reviewed articles, reviews, essays, obituaries and other content advancing the field of material culture and museum studies, broadly conceived.
  • Current Conservation – Research concepts and news from both the natural and social science facets of conservation, encompassing ecology, wildlife biology, conservation biology, environmental history, anthropology and sociology, ecological economics, and related fields of research.
  • Journal of International and Global Studies – A peer-reviewed multidisciplinary forum for the critical discussion of and reflections on the consequences of globalization throughout the world.
  • Biological and Physical Anthropology Commons – A large collection of articles and research from various fields of biological/physical anthropology.
  • Journal of Physiological Anthropology (JPA) – An open-access, peer-reviewed journal that publishes research on the physiological functions of modern mankind, with an emphasis on the bio-cultural effects on human adaptability to the current environment.
  • Journal of Archaeology – A peer-reviewed, open-access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles in all areas of archaeology.
  • ScienceOpen – A freely accessible research network to share and evaluate scientific information with articles from a variety of sources.
  • JURN Directory – 3,000 links to selected open access or otherwise free ejournals in the arts & humanities.

Don’t forget that you can also find peer-reviewed, scholarly articles to read and download by using the Google Scholar search tool. This is a great way to find free research and information without subscribing to anthropology journals, with many important articles distributed for free use.

This list will most likely change over time as new anthropology journals are added and access to older journals lost. If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to leave them below and thank you for reading.

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