Here is a series links to some essential anthropological sites etc. full of useful information, studies and research, they’re great places to keep up to date with your favourite subject:

However, don’t forget to check for interesting papers on Google Scholar, an invaluable research tool that often yields great results. You can find many papers and articles from peer reviewed journals, as well as independent research, many of which are free for download in PDF format! I use this service all the time for research and I recommend you give it a try.

And don’t forget, if you have access to a library, then see if they have any anthropology or archaeology texts, you’d be surprised at what you might find. Libraries need to be kept alive, so make sure to use them!

Funny Anthropology Picture Zach Weiner

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[Image credit: Zach Weiner (you can find more funny comics by Zach Weiner Here)]

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